I am a horrible housekeeper. No really. I’m not just being hard on myself. My mother had the gift. It was not passed on. I try, really I do. I at least keep our house from being declared a health hazard. However, if it was not for my husband, I fear the dust bunnies would have slaughtered us in our sleep long ago.

There are any number of reasons why I’m not good at housekeeping. But the main reason is that I’m so very easily distracted. A normal person would walk into the kitchen, empty the dishwasher, then load it. Voila, clean dishes. I come into the kitchen and stand in front of the sink for about two minutes, maybe pick up a spoon and put it down, then walk away.

Now to the passerby, it would appear that I decided it was too hard and was being lazy. But let me walk you through what my mind was doing during those two minutes.

“Hey, the dishes are dirty. Okay…I need to unload the dishwasher first then I’ll run a load. Actually, I need to do laundry today too. I wonder if Aidan needs socks? Maybe I should start a load of laundry first then that will be going while I work on the dishes. No, one thing at a time. What was this spoon used for? It doesn’t fit in the dishwasher so I’ll need to wash it by hand. I think I used it to mix the jello. The kids were bummed it didn’t turn out right to use the cookie cutters and make jello molds. I think I added too much water for it to harden right. We should try again this afternoon. Is my glass pan clean for jello? I should make sure I load that in the dishwasher. We are out of bowls too. We used the last of the cereal yesterday morning, I’ll have to make oatmeal. Without bowls. It’s still early though, we could run to the store really quick for cereal. “Hey kids! Get your shoes on!” Oh wait, Aidan needs socks. “Put your sandals on, not tennis shoes.” Why was I holding this spoon again? I better go check the diaper bag is stocked before we go anywhere. It wouldn’t be good to not have diapers if the baby needs changed while we are out.”

Then three hours later after we have run to the store and gotten everything but cereal, I come home to a sink still full of dishes, Aidan still has no socks, and I ended up stopping some where on the way home for lunch because the kids really needed something to eat.

My mind, at times, gets so cluttered that I just don’t know where to start, and end up starting everything at once. When you work on everything, nothing gets done. I have to force myself to focus on one thing at a time.


Those who are close to me are chuckling and nodding vigorously right at this moment.

Most days it is not quite this bad, but I am certain the more things I have to do the dirtier my house is. Many times I make a conscious choice not to clean just so I can focus on something else. Cleaning definitely takes a back seat to just about everything. After ten years of marriage my husband, God love him, has stopped expecting a clean house and does a lot of it himself.

Just this morning in fact he put headphones in and cleaned our entire bedroom, while I was teaching the kids some new songs and making breakfast. On more than one occasion I’ve come home and the dishes are magically done.

As the children get older, it’s gotten easier. The mommy-brain condition set me back a little at first. Perhaps by the time they have children I’ll have figured out how to be more organized. Who am I kidding though…hey look! A butterfly!