Earth Day is April 22nd, and it’s kind of a big deal here in our house! We made these water color birch trees in celebration last year. Whether you are celebrating Earth Day, or just looking for a fun, and beautiful, craft to do with your kiddos, this one definitely fits the bill!

What you need:

Water color paints

Paint brushes

Masking tape

Water color paper (a thick heavy weight water color paper works best)

Cups of water and paper towels to rinse brushes and catch spills

What to do:

  1. Cut stripes of masking tape and put on the water color paper in a random pattern. Long thick stripes edge to edge for the tree trunks, and small strips criss crossing at different angles to make the branches. Don’t worry about it being perfect. Remember trees don’t grow in perfect straight lines!
  2. Pick three colors to paint with and cover the entire paper with paint! Painting with one color at a time turns out best, so the colors don’t run together and make a muddy mess. Just make sure to cover every white space with paint. 
  3. Take a short break and let the paint dry
  4. Slowly remove the masking tape 
  5. Use a clean brush and black paint to make small black dots and lines all along the white tree trunks. Again, no need to be perfect. It looks best when the lines are random and spaced differently. 
  6. Let the paint dry, and voila! A gorgeous work of art ready to hang!

I’d love to see your finished trees! Send me a picture of your birch trees.