Okay, so I have typed the first sentence of this post three times. Type, back space. Type, back space. Type, back space.

Each time I have hit the delete button with such force that I’m sure the computer is wondering what it did to deserve such disdain.

I’m not upset though. I’ve just had too much coffee. My motions are greatly exaggerated, and I am jittery to the point that I’m a danger to myself.

This happens to me about every two weeks. Does this sound at all familiar to you as well?

You wake up all groggy, and sort of shuffle around the house trying to gather some momentum to get things done. You just end up moving things from one spot to another, trying to convince yourself that you are “cleaning.”

Unable to function under your own power, you reach for the coffee. The instant placebo effect enables you to comprehend and retain information a little better. At least you are starting to question why you thought putting the peanut butter in the freezer was a good idea at the time. You start moving things around again, this time putting them in something of a close proximity to their actual locations.

Ten minutes later, however, you have completely forgotten you had a cup of coffee at all, and wonder why you have a mug, spoon, and coffee container sitting on the counter. “I must have started to make some coffee,” you tell yourself, and make another cup.

You are starting to have a bit more energy as the forgotten first cup starts to kick in. You start really getting things done. After the initial morning chores are complete, you feel accomplished and seek a reward. “Ya know? I didn’t really get a chance to enjoy that first cup of coffee,” which was in fact the second, “I think I’ll make another and have a few moments to myself before the day starts.”

Your moment of self indulgence is so nice, and you did such a good job moving things from one spot to another this morning, that you pour a fourth cup. Half way through this fourth cup, the first, second and third all take full affect at one time and you suddenly remember all your unfinished projects from the last three weeks.

You need to do laundry, which reminds you need to switch out the blankets on the bed, which reminds you that you need to put away your winter coats, which reminds you that you need to prepare your flower garden for planting. The next thing you know, your garden tools are sitting on top of the washing machine, your coats are just laying in a heap on your bed, and you are standing outside in the dirt with a pair of underwear in your hands.

The worst of it is, you have now also lost all basic control of your motor functions. You reach for your fifth cup of coffee with such gusto that it goes tumbling across the table, spilling it’s contents. What a waste.

Better go make another cup.